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Do you need your local business to be found in Google or any of the another major search engines?  Van Oosten Website Design Phoenix can help you.

Where do you go first to search for a service or product?
You probably use one of the major search engines on the internet right?

online advertisingIf you are not being found in the internet search engine results- you are probably missing out on business.  It is not enough to just be found for your business name either!

You need to be in the top ten natural search engine results for location keywords & service keyword terms that people are actually searching for when they need your product or service!

What We do for Your Local Business

We proudly provide (SEO) Search Engine Optimization for website design in Phoenix and the surrounding cities of Scottsdale AZ, Tempe AZ, Mesa AZ, Chandler AZ, Glendale AZ, Peoria AZ, Surprise AZ, and Awatukee, Arizona. And any other city that has internet access!!!!

There are a few primary things you can do to get your business listing found on a local search of the internet.  You want to be found and ranking high in the Organic Search Listings for location keywords & service keywords.

You can use Google Ads and other search engine ads, to help boost your online presence in competitive markets. But this needs to be monitored and adjusted constantly.

One piece  of high importance to your on-line exposure is to be found on the Google Map (Google Places).  Are you in Google Places when you search for your product or service?  Registering your business name is the first step, but there are many things that go into helping you rank high enough to actually show on the Google map.

The AZ web designers at can help you achieve all of this.

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Why Do You Need to be Found in the Major Search Engines?

Consumers start their product search on-line more than 50% of the time.  Will they find YOUR local business- or your competition?

We can help your company get the exposure it needs on the internet, which can have a tremendous result in bringing you more customers.  It is extremely important to your bottom line to consider a custom web solution.

Due to the nature of website design, even if you are not in one of the areas above, we can help you with your web business strategy.  Put the power of the internet behind your business with local search custom website design.

Let us help you dominate your market place

– or your competitors will.

Help your business rise out of the smoldering economic ashes with Van Oosten Website Design Phoenix, AZ!

Advertising Management

Advertising is a critical component to the success of any business.  Whether the business exists as a brick and mortar in the physical world, or solely as an online construct, advertising is crucial to being found.

Some forms of reaching your customer are more traditional like Radio, TV, newspaper, flyers, etc.  While others are relatively new and growing like internet based solutions such as business website design, the social media marketing of Facebook or Twitter, Google Places and things like banner or search engine marketing.

Below is a good article that discusses how to manage some of these advertising methods.  Please pay particular attention to the end of the article.

Advertising Management

By Steave Bobs

If a business has to survive, it has to sell its product and for this purpose it has to publicize its product to the potential customers. But many business men do not have the faintest idea about advertising and publicity of the product. The decisions regarding advertising are known as advertising management.

While the company has to use advertising, there are a few tips on the basis of which the advertisement should be made.

• The advertisement which is made focuses on the main objective of the company and hence it proves to be advantageous. If you are unsure of the advertisement that you should make for your product, then there are many ad agencies which take up the contract of making the advertisement and also publish the advertisement.

• The ad agencies have a lot of contacts with the media people. When they have to publish the ads, they make use of the contacts to reduce the price of the publishing. For example, the television is the most expensive media of advertising that one can choose. If you approach the TV media through your own company, they will charge a higher price than the ad agency. This is because the ad agency gives them more business. When the media is very difficult to obtain for your advertisement, the ad agency will be able to do this also very easily.

• The ad agencies have the ability to get the attention of the customers through their ads. So it is preferable to get the ad done by them rather than do it yourself. They know the type of concepts that work with the modern generation and the type of media they should use for the product.

• The ad agency has the ability to arrange for huge media as and when required by the company with minimum time. This is not possible for any other normal person as they do not have any contacts with the media persons.

The internet is now used as a media of advertisement and it has proven to be the apt choice for many businesses and companies. The main reasons for the popularity of the internet as an advertising media are as follows

• Cheap- the internet is the cheapest source of advertising media. While you have to take up the costs incurred on the maintenance of the website but this is a more economical way and is cheaper than the other media of advertising like the television.

• Large audience- It aims at a huge audience base. Nowadays people of all ages use the internet and thus the advertisements can be sent out to all the people who access the internet.

• One of the most important reasons for the internet becoming a huge hit is the e commerce. The e commerce flourished and the business world entered the internet. Thus the option of online advertising was chosen by many business people and the prospect worked very well in the favor of the companies.

Steave providing advertising management and branding

Article Source:

Did you catch that?

The internet is now used as a media of advertisement and it has proven to be the apt choice for many businesses and companies.

Why is this?  Because it is relatively in expensive and reaches a huge targeted audience (and that is really the key).  A targeted audience is one which is looking for your product or service at that precise time.  You can reach large targeted audiences quickly online by appearing in the first page of results on the search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

In order to get on the coveted first page of the internet search engine results, you must do several things to optimize your website design both for the consumer and the search engines.  You must be in Google Places and ranking high enough to appear in their top results- again your Google Places entry must be optimized.  And if you are ambitious and have the extra advertising funds, you can do Search engine paid ads.

Even with all of this, you are likely going to spend far less on Online Advertising than most of the traditional methods and achieve better results.

Get Local Business Found On Google Maps

One of the best places for your local business to be found is on Google Maps.  When people search for a business product or service in the Google search engine, often the Google Map will display at the top of the search engine results with a few businesses highlighted next to it.

These links are often the first links that customers explore.  Thus, it is critical that you register AND rank in Google Maps to expand your online advertising.

Website Design Phoenix can help you register, but more importantly we can help you rank.  If you are a do it yourself-er, click on the Google Local Maps link if you want to download a PDF that will take you through self-registration in Google Maps.

Google Maps Guide

Google Local Maps

If YOU don’t want to spend the time and effort then perhaps Website Design Phoenix can help you get more customers.


Good Website Design

There are a number of factors for good website design.

Most design companies will spout off a lot of jargon to impress you, confuse you with data reports and statistics, and try to sell you the newest bells and whistles.

There really are some complex things that go on behind what you see on the web site and if in fact you even get to see it.  Let Van Oosten Design- Website Design Phoenix worry about the technical aspects.

Really, as a business owner, you just need to know the big picture. Read the article below to get a general sense of the factors that go into web site design and we will talk more about the big picture at the bottom of the page.

Why a Good Website Design Is Important for Your New Business

By Kandpal Chandra Subhash

Today, having a good internet presence can go a long way in giving your organization that little edge you’ve been looking for in the competitive environment. And in order to do that, you need to have a website design that is user-friendly, looks trendy having an adequate number of functionalities, yet has a professional look that motivates people to peruse your website.

On an average, 15 seconds is all it takes for a person on the Internet to judge your website designing and he/she should spend more time exploring your website. So, it is highly recommended that your web designing should be attractive enough to make a good first impression on your potential investors and customers.

The internet is literally brimming with web services to help a person in need of efficient business solutions. A study conducted by a popular web design company shows that a user settles for a maximum of 17 searches on Google to zero in to his preferred search result. In such a case, it is even more important that your website has a good look & feel to it.

To create an analogy, picture the Internet as a really huge shopping mall and the web designing of your new business as one of the numerous stores craving for customers to come in and purchase your product. If the store doesn’t have a good electric signboard, has a shabby appearance from the inside, you as the owner will be forced to make some restructuring done!

The same applies for your new business’s website. There are various steps by which you can market your new organization through your web designing. Without a doubt, the content goes right on top of the priority list. No matter how good the website designing is, if the content if flimsy, your web designing is counting its days until your competitor offers more helpful or satisfying information.

That being said, the next crucial step is to make the design of your new business’s website appealing. Care should be taken not to go overboard with the glossy graphic designs, yet, settling for something as simple as FrontPage should also be avoided. Hire the expert web design services of an expert website design company to get optimum result.

At the end of all, its all about how your customer feels when he interacts with your website. The design should be in such a way that the user feels at home; simple, comfortable and last but not the least, satisfied.

India Designers is the most recommended web design company in India that have been offering innovative website design services at accessible price points to businesses across the globe since many years. Contact us today to get professional website design India services or visit India-Designers.Net for more information.

Article Source:

These are great guidelines for good website design. However,

If your customer cant find you, then it doesn’t matter what your site looks like!

This is the real big picture here. It is critical for your business that you get found in local searches for your product or service type. There are several critical things that go into designing a website and an on-line marketing campaign that need to be addressed, and the website can look stunning too.

Being found on the internet, ranking high for your product & service keywords in natural search engine results is the first step to getting more customers. Good aesthetic design helps them make the choice.

Let Website design Phoenix help you get found on the internet!

Get Customers For Your Business

It can be a difficult thing to get customers for your business. Below is an article that discusses some more traditional ways of getting and keeping a customer.

By getting in the top search engine rankings, your target audience- your customers -should be readily finding you on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Even if you are new business owner, you can start being found quickly.

Read over some of the other ways to get more customers and some ideas on what it takes to keep a good relationship.

How to Get More Customers For Your Business

By Summer S

Getting customers into your business establishment may be a walk in the park for some establishments but get these people to action is another thing and to build a strong customer relationship is yet another. So what are the questions you need to ask yourself? Here are a few.

Where can I find my customers?

Getting to your target audience is the determining factor of your business. If you can not get the needed business to sustain your business, you can not sustain the life of your business as well. Most new businesses suffer from the fact that human nature dictates a potential customer to want to see a strong track record before jumping in the wagon. But how can a new company have a track record when it is new? How do you get people to try your product or service? Attract them. There are many ways of doing this. The most inexpensive way to do this is by networking. Never underestimate the power of connections. In the business world, this is the magic word. Volunteer for charity works or fund raising events. Bring the name of your business to places where you think your potential customers are likely to be at. You can also try distributing flyers or have coupons printed out in local newspapers. Another way to attract customers is to give your product away. Give a sample of your product to influential persons within the demographics and psycho graphics of your target market. Doing this also achieves another thing: they may also become loyal customers. Some businesses, especially those offering services, opt to offer introductory prices. They offer lower rates than those of the competition for the logic of getting a track record from an opportune client. You must always remember that before you can educate potential customers, you must first get them to sit down.

How do I get potential customers to take action now?

You have placed your company in seen places and yet you are not getting sales. If this is happening, take a long look at how you have been telling your audience to take action. People are keen on very specific things, even if it is only in a subconscious level. If they think that what you are offering will be there if and when they would want to buy it, they will not take immediate action. Some companies are very clever at handling this. They offer a trial or introductory period, give a deadline for ordering and / pr discount, advise of a price increase, offer a free gift, offer an upgrade with discount, offer free supplies and accessories. When you want potential clients or customers to take action now, you must first and foremost understand that people want to take action and will only take action if there is an immediate need or if they see that they are getting a good deal if they take action now. You must also avoid passive phrases. If you do not want them to be passive lookers, then do not encourage it.

Will the customers I get become referrals?

They could. Every customer that walks in your door could become a potential referral even if they ended up not purchasing at all. Treat each one as everyone. Even if window shoppers are quite annoying sometimes if you do not treat them right they could be deadly to your business. Word of mouth works both ways. It may work in your favor or it may be the death of your business. Even if one customer spends a small amount, it does not mean to say that all their friends spend that way. In a survey, 50 % of customers of new businesses come from referrals.

How do I keep these new customers and make them into repeat customers?

Most people do not only remember what they bought and for how much. Most people also remember how they were entertained and persuaded to buy. Keep the existing small client list by giving them the best customer service that you can by answering their inquiries with superb product knowledge and specifics and with a smile. Never forget that your business can only bring in as much as you give in this way. Even if you have the greatest product in the world and you have bad customer service, you will lose 7o% of your potential client list.

The author is a Mass Communications Student majoring in Corporate Communication. She is working freelance.

Article Source:

If you are ready to get more customers by being found and increasing your exposure by ranking in the search engines for your local business services and products, then contact us at Website Design Phoenix now!